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The Hyper Usage Guide of English database, or HUGE-database for short was conceived within a research project at Leiden University Centre for Linguistics called Bridging the Unbridgeable: linguists, prescriptivists and the general public. It aims to benefits linguists, as well as educators and the general public. More background information on the database and its creation, as well as a user manual, is available on the HUGEdb page of the project's website.


How to gain access

You can request access to the database by contacting the project Bridging the Unbridgeable: linguists, prescriptivists and the general public via the contact form on the website. Your request will then be queued for review and approval.


Information for publishers

We have obtained licences to use the material wherever possible. However, should you as publisher or owner of the copyright of a work, find that we have used your work without permission, please contact us through our website.